Why Not Us? Why Not Now?

It’s been 14 years since our favorite squad, the Silver & Black were relevant. 14 years ago? A lot has changed:

I was in my 30’s and I still lived in San Jose

George W Bush was President

Gas was $1:10

If you wanted to buy Marijuana, you had to meet your dealer at the park.

Bay Area home prices were actually affordable

A beautiful mind, starring Russell Crowe won Best movie

I have since had my second son, who hasn’t witnessed a winning season since he has been born, he is currently 12.

Well, things are looking very promising for our Raiders to not only make the playoffs, but potentially win the division, and make a strong run towards the SB.

Yes, I said it, the SB.

Sitting as the 5th seed with a game vs Houston on Monday, followed by 2 more home games vs Carolina and Buffalo. Then 3/4 on the road, @ SD, @KC, Home vs Indy, then a game that could have a lot of playoff implications, @Denver.

My belief is worst case scenario; we finish 10-6 or 11-5. Best case we go 13-3 or 12-4 and win the division and be the #2 seed.

Could you imagine a scenario where we go into NE for the AFC championship and get our revenge for the still dreadful “Tuck Rule” and exercise a decade of demons? The football universe would explode!

I’m 44 years old and when we beat the Redskins in 83, I was only 11. Our 2000-2002 run to me was disappointing overall. Yes, it was fun to watch but we didn’t end up winning it all, which to me, is all that matters. Then we watched 13 straight years of some of the worst football an organization can come up with.

Nora Turner, Art Shell, Lane Kiffin, Tom Cable, Hue Jax, Dennis Allen….

Wasted 1st round picks year after year. Jamarcus Russell anyone? Overpaid FA’s, Javon Walker!

We can go on and on.

Then Mark got smart, it didn’t look like it initially, but the hiring of GM Reggie McKenzie has paid off, Big Time!

Carr, Mack, Cooper are the obvious picks. Gabe Jackson, Latavius Murray, Stacy McGee, Jalen Richard, were all 3rd round or later picks that have made big contributions this year.

Add some quality FA signings: Osemele, Hudson, Penn, Crabtree, Amerson, and a few more and you have a talented roster.

With 7 games left, our defense still is getting better, we just showed the world how dominant our o-line and running game can be. And our young QB is continually playing smart football while making big plays when needed.

I know there are still skeptics. 13 years of non-winning football will do that to you. I believe we are watching something special, and it would not surprise me if we not only made the tournament, but we make a deep push and potentially end up being the last team standing. You are not guaranteed anything in this brutal sport. Teams change every year and injuries are one play away. That being said…

Why not us? Why not now?

Written by: 303Raider