What Happens to the NFL in 2020?

Some Possible Scenarios…

The NFL has released it’s off-season guidelines. As I understand it, virtual meetings and remote guided workouts are allowed. Teams are allowed to spend $1,500 per player to send equipment, etc. Fair enough.

However, teams are not allowed to hit the practice field for team activities until all states have lifted their stay at home orders and what not. That means, even if Carolina lifts their restrictions but NY has not, then all teams have to wait on NY or any other state that remains on lockdown. Is it feasible to say that all 50 states will lift their restrictions by May? June? July?

Best Case Scenarios…

Let’s say they do. Will they still put out a season if things go back to “normal”? I’m guessing they would.

Let’s say it doesn’t get lifted until September or October? I’m guessing they’d still play a shortened season. Some concerns with that:

  • Player safety (not being in game shape could lead to more injuries)
  • Quality of play (sloppy, new rookies taking much longer to become acclimated, lack of player chemistry, etc.)
  • How do you trim the roster down to your final 53 without formal practices or scrimmages?

Worst Case Scenario

With no vaccine on the horizon for at least another 6-12 months, what happens if this flares back up during flu season? What then? End the season prematurely? Ok, sure.

Even Worse…

Let’s say shelter in place remains through the rest of the year but the league decides to play games with no crowd a la the KBO League (Korean Baseball League) which is broadcasting games right now sans spectators. Then you still have to ensure the safety of all 53 players (106 for two teams), the coaching staff, trainers, medical staff, management, the officials, broadcast crew, camera crew, lighting crew, sound crew, pa’s, producers, techs, gaffers, grips, broadcast vans, operations, chefs, hotels, all forms of transportation, etc. It takes a massive amount of people just to handle the logistics.

Where Does this Leave Us as Fans?

You see where this is going? Will there be a season? What will it look like? Depending on your situation (i.e. age, where you live, employment, etc.) you may have a different perspective. But with 3 NFL teams in the heavily impacted NY/NJ area, what’s the likelihood that things get back to “normal” or the “new normal” in time for this season to get off the ground? If it does, how does it overcome the logistical obstacles outlined above?

I don’t know the answers to these questions. I’m asking you to give your feedback and counterpoints in the discussion below. How you all think this pans out?