Week 15 Pontificator: The Six Way Parlay©….We ain’t dead yet!

This Edition of the Pontificator might shock you. Despite the epic fail we have all painfully witnessed over the past three weeks, and everything you have read in the mainstream media, the Raiders are far from dead going into Week 15. Yes, they have a less than 1% chance right now, but that is mostly due to a universal belief that the team has absolutely no chance whatsoever of winning out.

Sure, a 3-game run looks borderline crazy right about now given that the team looks like its running on fumes. That said, let’s also not kid ourselves that any of the remaining three teams we will be facing are anything close to a juggernaut (no Beech).

Everything you will read from here on out is predicated on the belief that we will win out. Now if that upsets you, I suggest closing your browser now.  For those of you who have faith that somehow that hurdle can be met, then I invite you to read on and smash-blast the link below…