Week 12 Playoff Pontification

Ok, after a LOT of prodding and poking to do an early Pontificator, I acquiesced and gave in. However, this one will be a little different and a little shorter in scope. Think of this one as a “pre-season” Edition since its still early.

With 6 weeks to go the possibilities literally go into the billions. Its Sektor V ensemble on steroids. Given that, I will concentrate this edition on what the scenarios are for the Raiders to make the playoffs at:




At 11-5 and 12-4, the playoffs are 100% guaranteed so I won’t even go there. And a bit surprisingly, the odds of making it at 10-6, on the low end, is 95% (even with a loss to KC). On the upper end (with, not coincidently, a win over the Chiefs) the likelihood jumps a bit to 99%. So, for now, 10-6 wont be part of this analysis. Plus, as mentioned previously, this is “Pontification lite”. Once we get to December, I’ll get deeper (yes, that’s what she said) into the possibilities and nuance.

One change I’m instituting from the last time we publically Pontificated (Dec 2017), is that this year after the PJFF intro, I’ll be posting the meat of the analysis on my own site. There are a few reasons for this change. First off, our fearless leader is busy and doesn’t have copious time to edit, etc. KS is a busy man and I certainly respect that. Secondly, if you choose to click on the link below you will be teleported to a site that I can edit and publish content without having to bother anyone.

Plus, an added bonus is that you can comment directly within the post and, who knows, I may even respond.  Of course, as always, you can comment below on PJFF and since I know how many of you like your blogue comfort food, I’d never consider taking that e-sustenance away from y’all!

Ok, without further ado, let’s explore the various pathways for the Raiders to make the playoffs at the 8-and 9-win thresholds.

‘Njoi brethren!