The Time Has Come

With a 19-16 victory over the San Diego Chargers, the Oakland Raiders have clinched their first playoff berth in 14 years. Take a breath.

Raider Nation strolled into the the opposing rival’s stadium to pillage and takeover a would-be away game.

On the force of the crowd, the Raiders defense put together a 4 quarter performance (save for one deep TD pass from Phillip “Cry Me A” Rivers) that was good enough to seal the deal. Bruce Irvin and Reggie Nelson teamed up on back-to-back plays that would propel the Silver Swashbucklers into first place in the AFC West.

Derek Carr had a hard time getting anything going today passing for only 200 yards while the run game took over backed by another stout defensive performance. The Raiders posted 145 yards rushing while the defense held the Chargers to a mere 190 net yards passing and 73 yards on the ground. The turnover battle was even with the Raiders coming out ahead on points scored via takeaway at 3-0.

Because of a New England win today, the Raiders are now the number two seed in the American Football Conference. Should the playoffs start next week and play out as the numbers stand today, Oakland would have home field advantage up until a would-be AFC Championship road game against the Patriots.

With a late game victory against the KC Chiefs, the Tennessee Flaming Thumbtacks set the stage for the Oakland Raiders to surge back in black and reclaim the throne atop the toughest division in the league.

Raider fan, how do you feel? How many of you predicted this at the beginning of the season? At the end of last season? If you were told that Janikowski would score the points that pushed this team into the post-season, would you have believed it? Believe it. The time has come.

Written by: Kenny Stapler