The Pillaging Podcast: Who’s Your Daddy? (w/ Rory Anderson feat. Raider Roy)

A Very Special Episode…

Of the Pillaging Podcast this week. This one goes out to all the Raider Dads out there. First up, we’re joined by the Raider Ramble’s own Rory Anderson. Rory joins the boys and lends his mathematical prowess towards the Raiders’ cap situation. Furthermore, Rory breaks down the roster as it stands and tells us there is no surprise cuts this year. Listen in as Rory details what he thinks the off-season strategy is and was for the Raiders.

Kenny pays tribute to the man that gifted him entry into the Raider Nation as he sits down with his own father, Raider Roy. Roy shares his greatest memories as a Raider fan. This is one interview we can all relate to and one you’re not going to want to miss.

Raider Cain joins the fray this week. In turn, Cain dishes on the Bryant situation, his thoughts on the importance of coaching, and the struggle of dealing with entitled people in 2018.

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