The Pillaging Podcast: Grillin’ and Chillin’ (w/ Phil Robinson III)

We’re Joined this Week…

By the Raider Ramble’s very own Phil Robinson III. Phil comes on to talk about the state of OTA’s, Obi’s injury, and the outcome of the Raiders in an alternate reality. Phil is a tremendous personality and the co-host of his very own podcast–Uphiltered featuring himself and Phil Jones. Make sure to check them out on the IE Sports Network.

Additionally, Raider Cain is back! As you know, Cain has been on a short hiatus but he’s back with that fire! Also, the guys discuss their impression of Jon Gruden thus far and what Obi needs to do to catch up and reserve a spot on this roster. Lastly, Cain, Kenny, and Che share their grilling secrets and continue the burger talk.

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