The Pillaging Podcast: Two Minute Drill

Introducing the Newest Segment…

In Raider Nation: The Two Minute Drill. Will this week’s guest Ray Aspuria (from the Raider Ramble) run the gauntlet successfully? Tune in to find out. As Always, the boys breakdown this week’s game and go deep into the issues that plague Raider Nation. Reggie ousted as GM, the Raiders are homeless, and the season comes to a dark and grim end.

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The Pillaging Podcast: The “Professionals” (w/ Sean Hildebrandt)

We’re Joined by…

Sean Hildebrandt on this week’s episode of the Pillaging Podcast. Sean lives out in Oahu and writes for the Raider Ramble. Sean discusses what it’s like to be a Raider fan on the islands. Additionally, Sean shares his takes on what Jon Gruden is bringing to the team. Also, Sean dishes on who will have a breakout year and which player is set to bounce back in 2018.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Jax Wins! (w/ Jim Jax)

On This Episode…

The Pillaging Podcast is visited by the prolific Jim Jax from the Raider Ramble. Jim has been in the sports media game for a long time. He’s covered almost every sport across several decades. He’s a DJ, a former athletic director, and a licensed medicinal practitioner. Needless to say, Jim is a bit of a Renaissance Man. Jim converses about his time in the industry and offers some fresh takes on this year’s Raiders roster.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Who’s Your Daddy? (w/ Rory Anderson feat. Raider Roy)

A Very Special Episode…

Of the Pillaging Podcast this week. This one goes out to all the Raider Dads out there. First up, we’re joined by the Raider Ramble’s own Rory Anderson. Rory joins the boys and lends his mathematical prowess towards the Raiders’ cap situation. Furthermore, Rory breaks down the roster as it stands and tells us there is no surprise cuts this year. Listen in as Rory details what he thinks the off-season strategy is and was for the Raiders.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Back at it Again (w/ Ray Leonard Aspuria)

This Week’s Show…

Kicks off with a guest appearance by the Raider Ramble’s very own Ray Leonard Aspuria. Ray is a long-time sports writer who is now making his hay on one of the fastest growing independent Raiders blogs on the internet. Mr. Aspuria shares his thoughts on the re-vamped Raiders’ roster. Ray gives us his long shots to make the squad and much more.

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