TRF’s Playoff Possibility Pontificator: Week 12

8-2!!!  What a game….Stealin’ one just like a Pirate should!

Right now we are going to  geek out and talk playoffs.  For the first time in over 13 years, we finally look to be on a sustainable path that will get this Raider Ship into the playoffs.  No more ‘Ten and Then’ or even ‘Five and We Are Alive’ nonsense.  What we will be discussing here, good friends, is the myriad of possibilities associated with the 2016 playoff run we are deeply immersed in right now.

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Results: Week 7 Predictions

Oakland Raiders (33) vs Jacksonville Jaguars (16)

We had over 70 entries this week. Many from familiar faces and a few from some lurkers (I see you). Without further ado….let’s see how you did!

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