The Pillaging Podcast: Moton Philly (w/ Maurice Moton)

On This Week’s Episode…

We’re joined by Maurice Moton from Bleacher Report. Mr. Moton covers all things Raider related with B/R and he joins us to talk about the Raiders off-season acquisitions and future draft picks. Tune in to hear Maurice’s pick at #10. Also, Mo and the boys get off topic and talk music and more.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Free Agent Frenzy (w/ Stephen Michaels)

On This Week’s Episode…

We’re joined by Raiders reporter Stephen Michaels from The Raiders Daily. Stephen helps us make sense of a busy yet surprising Raiders free agency period. Amidst the myriad of signings, the Raiders have yet to land a marquee player and we’re here to tell you why.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Best Of Vol. I

A Look Back…

At some of our older episodes that you may have missed out on. Kenny, Che, and Cain are out this week but it’s not stopping us from delivering Raiders content just for you!

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The Pillaging Podcast: Trading Places (w/ Dieter Kurtenbach)

On This Week’s Episode…

We’re joined by Mercury News beat writer Dieter Kurtenbach. Dieter details his first round pick for the Oakland Raiders. Also, Kurtenbach shares his thoughts on the Oakland Raiders win-loss record in 2018 as well as his favorite Bay Area eateries. Lastly, Dieter promises to lift Kenny’s long-standing ban at Mercury News.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Farewell Sebastian

On This Week’s Episode…

We say goodbye to longtime Raiders’ kicker, Sebastian Janikowski. After an 18-year career Seabass and the Silver and Black have parted ways. Raider Cain weighs in with his thoughts on the kicker’s prolific career and we hear your calls on the subject as well.

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The Lombardi Recipe

A Recipe for Success…

Every year the world watches as another team is crowned a Super Bowl champion. Fans dream of how their team may someday hoist the Lombardi trophy. Will it be via a dominating defense and relentless rushing attack? Or by way of a franchise quarterback surrounded by an arsenal of offensive weapons? Let’s look back over the last 10 years to see how each team built their roster to eventually become the last team standing.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Matt Schneidman

This Week on the Pillaging Podcast…

We’re joined by Bay Area News Group and Mercury News Writer Matt Schneidman. Matt takes time to answer your questions as well as ours. Also, Matt lends his insight on who stays and who goes this off-season and gives us some context on his approach to sports writing.

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The Pillaging Podcast: The Nothing Bowl (w/ Vic Tafur)

This Week on the Pillaging Podcast:

Vic Tafur from The Athletic sits in to talk about the Raiders’ off-season. Vic shares his thoughts on what direction the Raiders will go in the draft and free agency. We discuss the potential ripple effect the Alex Smith trade will have on the AFC West. Vic also lends some insight on the future of Marshawn Lynch with the Silver and Black.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Lincoln Kennedy

On This Episode…

We sat down with former Raiders tackle and current sideline analyst Lincoln Kennedy. Tune in to hear his thoughts on the current state of the Oakland Raiders. Lincoln discusses the immediate impact Jon Gruden can have on this team. He also relates his experience with the locker room issues faced under Joe Bugle and how Gruden was able to right the ship in short time.  Can Gruden have the same effect in 2018? Is Carr the leader this team needs? Find out all that and more on this episode of the Pillaging Podcast.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Cable Guy!

Tom Cable is Back in Oakland…

The Cable Guy is back and we just wanted to hang out. No big deal. Actually, it’s a big effen deal this week as we got to hang out with Pro Football Focus‘ very own Austin Gayle.

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