Week 15: Everything You Need to Know (and then some)

2020 Playoff Pontificator pt. II

Ok, I’m not sure why I decided to waste several hours of my life exploring and then writing up so much detailed information regarding Raider playoff possibilities after such a stinker of a game, but you, the blogue’sters will be the beneficiaries of such nonsense.

With the firing of PGTits©, many of us have some newfound hope that our atrocious defense can improve to the level of “just plain bad”. While the gut-wrenching loss by the Browns on Monday didn’t help our chances, if Marinelli can remove some of the defensive stench, and we can get back to having a consistently potent offense, just maybe we can get on a roll down the stretch.

Well, that’s what I am telling myself and it’s the justification I’m going with for burning up multiple hours on all of this, potentially for no good reason at all, lol.

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2020 Las Vegas Raiders Playoff Pontificator (Week 13)

What are the Raiders’ Playoff Chances Headed Into Week 13?

How the Raiders Can Make a Playoff Run

With five weeks to go, the possibilities are (almost) endless. To help slim those realities to a more manageable number we’ll start by eliminating the least likely outcomes, both on the ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ ends of the spectrum.

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#115 – Just Win Baby (Raiders vs Bears 10/6/19)

By Any Means…

The Silver and Black haul in a victory amidst adversity and revenge in London. The Raiders vs. Bears provided a multitude of story lines to follow in this game. Khalil Mack, the Raiders record in international games, a bevvy of injuries, Carr against elite defenses, so on and so forth. But in Raiders fashion, Jon Gruden and the rest of the men in black found a way to stay in it until the very end in a game that epitomizes the old Al Davis credo: Just Win Baby!

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The Pillaging Podcast Live (09.22.19): Raiders vs. Vikings Recap


Join us as we recap the Raiders vs. Vikings and take your calls. Another Pillaging Podcast chock full of Raider talk. Live at 7pm PST!

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The Pillaging Podcast: Raiders Training Camp Battles 2019

We’re Back to Pillaging!

Kenny, Che, and Cain are back in the Crow’s Nest and Pillaging another Podcast! It’s that time of year and football is right on the horizon. The Pillaging Podcast has you covered.

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The Pillaging Podcast: So Close, Yet So Far Away

Pre-season Begins in One Month

Yet the season still feels so far away. The Pillagers are here to get you through with another Raiders Podcast. There’s plenty to talk about despite a slow off-season. Kenny and Che take to the Crow’s Nest to discuss Jacobs’ pending holdout, Cooper’s comments, stadium delays, and much more.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Matt Schneidman

This Week on the Pillaging Podcast…

We’re joined by Bay Area News Group and Mercury News Writer Matt Schneidman. Matt takes time to answer your questions as well as ours. Also, Matt lends his insight on who stays and who goes this off-season and gives us some context on his approach to sports writing.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Lincoln Kennedy

On This Episode…

We sat down with former Raiders tackle and current sideline analyst Lincoln Kennedy. Tune in to hear his thoughts on the current state of the Oakland Raiders. Lincoln discusses the immediate impact Jon Gruden can have on this team. He also relates his experience with the locker room issues faced under Joe Bugle and how Gruden was able to right the ship in short time.  Can Gruden have the same effect in 2018? Is Carr the leader this team needs? Find out all that and more on this episode of the Pillaging Podcast.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Cable Guy!

Tom Cable is Back in Oakland…

The Cable Guy is back and we just wanted to hang out. No big deal. Actually, it’s a big effen deal this week as we got to hang out with Pro Football Focus‘ very own Austin Gayle.

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The Pillaging Podcast: It’s a Cole World

This week we’re joined by Raiders’ beat writer Jason Cole. He takes our questions on the Raiders in free agency, stadium rumors, Latavious Murray, and more.

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