#134 – Outlining the NFL’s Guidelines for Reopening Under Quarantine

To Play Or Not to Play…

This week NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell released an updated list of protocols outlining the goals NFL cities and teams must meet to open up their facilities. With a handful of updates and milestones having been released over the past month, we took it upon ourselves to review them all and detail what it will take for the NFL season to kick off.

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What Happens to the NFL in 2020?

Some Possible Scenarios…

The NFL has released it’s off-season guidelines. As I understand it, virtual meetings and remote guided workouts are allowed. Teams are allowed to spend $1,500 per player to send equipment, etc. Fair enough.

However, teams are not allowed to hit the practice field for team activities until all states have lifted their stay at home orders and what not. That means, even if Carolina lifts their restrictions but NY has not, then all teams have to wait on NY or any other state that remains on lockdown. Is it feasible to say that all 50 states will lift their restrictions by May? June? July?

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