Results: Week 8 Prediction Poll

Here we are again. Take a look at the this week’s prediction poll results.

The Oakland Raiders beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a score of 30-24.

Nobody got it right this week but Marios Kontopyrgos was the closest with a guess of 30-23 in favor of Oakland. He was only one point off. Honorable mention goes to PHXR8R and Your Average Banana with a guesses of 31-24. Gotta give this one to Marios, however, as he guessed the Raiders score exactly…and that’s what matters to us! Go ahead and brag away¬†Marios!

To the rest of you, better luck next week.

Note: once we set up a donate tab, we may up the ante here and give out Raider Image gift card(s) to the weekly winner(s). More to come.

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