Ok, let’s get real. After an azz-stompin’ like we all just witnessed, its easy to say the sky is falling.  Hell, if you’ve been reading this blog on Monday, crashing is more like it. Praise for Gruden, Mayock and yes, Carr were rampant as recently as Sunday morning.

24h later?  Persona(s) non grata, the whole lot of ’em!

Welcome to Raider PTSD 101…

This is what happens when you have a fan base that’s stuck with (and used to) losing for the better part of TWO DECADES.

But you know what?  It’s different this time…

Don’t think so?  Raise your e-hand if you thought we were done after the Minny debacle.  I will admit I was there.  But I have learned my lesson.  I won’t doubt the resiliency of this team or its coach again.  Yes, they are young, and at times will have growing pains, but they are also undeniably TOUGH.

MUCH tougher than the JDR weak-sauce team that got queasy at the THOUGHT of Carr going down (see Carolina, late-Indy, Denver, and Houston games).  That 2016 squad gave up faster than the French capitulated to Hitler.  (Ok, perhaps a tad harsh! lol)

In truth, they simply mirrored the personality of their soft coach.  Similarly, these players mimic the toughness of their coach.

As such, I FULLY expect a strong showing on Sunday.  Gruden and his team will not be embarrassed again.  Think Colts.  That’s the Raider team we will see on Sunday.  You can etch it in frosted glass. Wait, that’s a JDR surface.  No, chisel it in stone!

Yeah, that’s much better…

Why do I mention all this?  Well, more than a day has passed and its time to dust off the mess that we all witnessed in gory detail on Sunday.

Once you allow yourself to get past the blood and guts of Sunday, and let the math be your friend, you will realize that we are VERY MUCH ALIVE at 6-5©.

In fact, once we beat KC you will be downright giddy regarding our chances not only get into the playoffs, but for the Silver and Black to hoist the AFC West crown for the first time in 17 years.

Immediate Gratification Alert: A win catapults us to AT WORST a #4 seed since we would win the Conference record tiebreaker over the Chiefs.

So visit the link below as we take a quick trip sifting through the numbers.  I promise you will feel much better after doing so…