The Pillaging Podcast: There Goes Our Hero

On this week’s episode of the Pillaging Podcast we talk about the devastating injury to Derek Carr, the playoffs, and more. As usual we breakdown the game against the Colts and look forward to facing our final match up of the regular season.

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Week 16 Raider Approved Rooting Guide

Last week the two most important games played went in the Raiders’ direction. The Raiders of course took care of business in San Diego, and the Titans managed to take down Kansas City with a game winning field goal that put Oakland back on top of the AFC West. Fewer games this week will impact the Raiders place in the big picture; we’ll still find reasons to root.

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The Raiders’ Expectations for 2016

During the off season, the Raiders established a goal to win what many considered to be the strongest division in the National Football League; the AFC West. The task was lofty; to some it seemed unlikely. Kansas City has been a perennial threat and Denver was fresh off their championship season.

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