Week 16 Pontificator: Is the Fat Lady Finally Ready to Sing?

I realize that many of you are “done”.

Well, that’s nice, but that’s not how the Pontificator rolls…

This puppy runs until THERE IS 0.0 % CHANCE the Raiders will make the playoffs.

You say there is only a 0.6% chance the Raiders get in?

Well then, yep, you should expect another Edition coming your way soon.

And by golly, here it is…

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TPP #120 – A Farewell to Oakland

House of Thrills: Vacancy

The end of the Silver Age in Oakland has come. The chants of Raiders will no longer echo through the concrete monstrosity that is the Oakland Coliseum. The end was bitter, controversial, and frustrating. What more could a Raider fan ask for? Kenny, Che, and Bobby return to the Crow’s Nest to share their memories and perspectives of the Raiders’ final chapter in the East Bay.

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Week 15 Pontificator: The Six Way Parlay©….We ain’t dead yet!

This Edition of the Pontificator might shock you. Despite the epic fail we have all painfully witnessed over the past three weeks, and everything you have read in the mainstream media, the Raiders are far from dead going into Week 15. Yes, they have a less than 1% chance right now, but that is mostly due to a universal belief that the team has absolutely no chance whatsoever of winning out.

Sure, a 3-game run looks borderline crazy right about now given that the team looks like its running on fumes. That said, let’s also not kid ourselves that any of the remaining three teams we will be facing are anything close to a juggernaut (no Beech).

Everything you will read from here on out is predicated on the belief that we will win out. Now if that upsets you, I suggest closing your browser now.  For those of you who have faith that somehow that hurdle can be met, then I invite you to read on and smash-blast the link below… Continue reading “Week 15 Pontificator: The Six Way Parlay©….We ain’t dead yet!”

Week 14: Push Coming to Shove…

Alright peoples, there is absolutely no denying that we have witnessed some SERIOUS Faceplant Action over the past two weeks. In fact, in every single loss save for the Texans debacle (thanks #16) we haven’t been competitive (which is putting it kindly). There is no doubt that this is a worrying trend. But, we are the 4th youngest team in the NFL so maybe this is part of the overused “growing pain” process. And for people like Homer (and me) you could look at it another way. For the games we DON’T get blown out in, we end up winning (Texan game notwithstanding).

I invite you to smash the link below and launch into this week’s in-depth Pontificator where I will do what I always do….give you some hope, even when things on the surface aren’t looking so bright…

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#119 – Apply Pressure (Raiders vs. Chiefs)

Make the Bleeding Stop

Week 13 is in the bag and the Raiders fall 9-40 in Arrowhead. It’s been 7 years since the Silver and Black have won in Arrowhead. Somebody grab a tourniquet  and apply pressure. While the AFC West is out of reach, a Wild Card spot is still within reach. Pillage with us as we recap the ups and downs from week 13.

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Week 12 Playoff Pontification

Ok, after a LOT of prodding and poking to do an early Pontificator, I acquiesced and gave in. However, this one will be a little different and a little shorter in scope. Think of this one as a “pre-season” Edition since its still early.

With 6 weeks to go the possibilities literally go into the billions. Its Sektor V ensemble on steroids. Given that, I will concentrate this edition on what the scenarios are for the Raiders to make the playoffs at:




At 11-5 and 12-4, the playoffs are 100% guaranteed so I won’t even go there. And a bit surprisingly, the odds of making it at 10-6, on the low end, is 95% (even with a loss to KC). On the upper end (with, not coincidently, a win over the Chiefs) the likelihood jumps a bit to 99%. So, for now, 10-6 wont be part of this analysis. Plus, as mentioned previously, this is “Pontification lite”. Once we get to December, I’ll get deeper (yes, that’s what she said) into the possibilities and nuance.

One change I’m instituting from the last time we publically Pontificated (Dec 2017), is that this year after the PJFF intro, I’ll be posting the meat of the analysis on my own site. There are a few reasons for this change. First off, our fearless leader is busy and doesn’t have copious time to edit, etc. KS is a busy man and I certainly respect that. Secondly, if you choose to click on the link below you will be teleported to a site that I can edit and publish content without having to bother anyone.

Plus, an added bonus is that you can comment directly within the post and, who knows, I may even respond.  Of course, as always, you can comment below on PJFF and since I know how many of you like your blogue comfort food, I’d never consider taking that e-sustenance away from y’all!

Ok, without further ado, let’s explore the various pathways for the Raiders to make the playoffs at the 8-and 9-win thresholds.

‘Njoi brethren!



#117 – Oakland Raiders 2019 Mid-Season Report Card

Los Angeles Chargers vs. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are coming off of back-to-back wins against the Detroit Lions and the Los Angeles Chargers. The Pillaging crew returns to the studio to recap both victories and hear your reactions. We’ll look back and give our Oakland Raiders mid-season report card.

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