PJ4F Thoughts From the Edge: Irish Red

If ever there was a good time to break out the Vegas Raider/JFB tale of the power of Killian’s Irish Red Ale during Donkey Beat-down in Denver Week, this seems to be it. I present what I believe to be the 6th annual edition (72% chance that is correct) of the Vegas Raider/JFB wise tale:

Sooooo……it all begins in 2002, when the Raiders came into the season with so much optimism, yet stumbled to a 4-4 start, followed by a Denver road game. The friends and I in college decided we needed to step our game up as well. So, the 7 of us decided to get a keg for the game (not a pony, but the full-blown barrel). We didn’t stop at quantity, we also opted for quality. We were going to step up our beer game and upgrade to something other than Bud or Sierra Nevada (In Chico Sierra Nevada is a cheap option).

So we went with Killian’s Irish Red, for whatever reason. Probably because we heard of it and it is was a little more expensive. This is followed of course with Rod Woodson housing a 100-yard interception, Gannon completing a zillion passes in a row, and we got a nice victory on our way to a Super Bowl appearance. All in standard modus operandi for a 22-year-old Raider fan; completely smashed.

Fast-forward to the miserable 2008 installment of our annual showdown at Mile High. I hadn’t thought about the keg of Killian’s and that 2002 game until I was in a store looking for beer to bring to ‘ watch the game. As I saw the Killian’s there, glowing at me, all the memories resurfaced. So I got a case. Henceforth, Jamarcus Russell turned into Johnny Unitas for 3 hours and, of course, we had an improbable 31-10 victory.

Since than, I have drunk Killian’s Irish Red EVERYTIME we play Denver in Denver, and no other time than that. To think, for a while we were 5-0 in Denver when I did (’02 and four straight from ‘08-‘11 including a 59-14 beat-down). We took a bit of a slump with Peyton for a few years, followed by Khalil Mack going Lawrence Taylor last year. It would appear that momentum has swung back on our side, and on the side of the very pedestrian, average, “Irish” Red Ale.

If ever the time for some “Irish” Ale, why not a mass-produced “Irishman” like Matt McGloin to counter? So I ask of you Raider Nation, join me in what you know I will be drinking on Sunday; the Killian’s Irish Red Ale. Wins will follow promptly.


Written by: JFB

Edited by: Kenny Stapler