How to Eat Crow

When I first saw Reggie McKenzie and Mark Davis in a presser I thought to myself: “This franchise is doomed.” Together they looked like Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

Neither of them seemed to communicate very well nor did they look like your typical billionaire NFL owner or a modern day, sophisticated, stat-crunching GM. Reggie mumbled and was difficult to understand at times and sounded confused on some topics.

In short, he appeared to be in over his head. Mark looked like the character Lloyd Christmas straight out of a Jim Carry movie—Dumb and Dumber. To make matters worse, while we were transitioning from Al’s passing to Mark’s reign, Michael Silver wrote a scathing hate piece on Mark in which he basically called him “Tommy Boy” and trashed him publically by making him out to resemble an adopted step child.

Mark admitted that he wasn’t the “all knowing GM” his father was, but he vowed to be a better owner. He was smart enough to understand that he could hire the right football minds to help him restore this once proud franchise. Fortunately for us Raider fans John Madden and Ron Wolf pointed Mark towards Reggie McKenzie.

Mark and Reggie communicated to us Raider fans that “[They] were learning on the job and there will be mistakes and pitfalls along the way….this is a 5 year rebuild project….it’s going to take time.” Some of us were impatient we had endured 8 years of suffering through Al’s Hail Mary signings of Warren Sapp and Javon Walker. Hell I criticized Reggie for shipping Palmer out of town for a mere 7th round pick. I cursed Reggie on the blog for letting Veldheer go and drafting DJ Hayden, etc.

Luckily Reggie has a better football mind than the rest of us at PJFF. So now you have a grumpy old Reggie hating blogger, who used to criticize everything Reggie did on this blog, eating crow and admitting that Reggie is one of the better GM’s in the league. Our future is bright and we are lucky to have him!

When I do sit down to eat my crow I will have Cain and R8erEduc8er prepare it for me (Medium rare) as they have been diehard Reggie supporters since day one. They are the ones who told me to be patient with Reggie and let the system play out. Reggie McKenzie’s plan, though slow as molasses syrup, has restored the Commitment to Excellence back to Raider Nation.

Written by: SilverandBlack666

Edited by: Kenny Stapler