Guidelines and General Info

Avast Ye…

This vessel was created to carry over a community of die hard Raiders fans that came to be via a message board that began on a bay area sports blog over 10 years ago.

We expect to add more fan generated content to this site as we move forward. That being said, if you fancy yourself a writer or have ideas for polls, surveys, etc. please contact the site editor at:

All inquiries and submissions can be sent here for the time being (address soon to be changed and updated). The site editor will clean up your work and post your content if deemed suitable. But be patient, this ship still needs some work.

Whether you were there at the beginning, have been lurking for years, or just now stopped by, you are encouraged to jump into the discussion below.

While life on a pirate ship can often be raucous and raunchy, we have a few guidelines to keep the mates in check. Any violation of the following agreements could result in comment removal and / or a 24-48 hour cooling off period if considered to be a serious or ongoing infraction. If inappropriate behavior continues after the cooling off period, further and more drastic consequences may occur:


As of right now we have a community flagging system in place. Once a post has reached a flags received by other members, it will auto-delete. To see the deletion take effect you will have to refresh your browser, however. This is intended to allow you to police each other to a certain extent. We will try this out and see how it goes. To flag a comment, click on the dropdown menu on the top right hand side of their post and click the “flag comment” button.

All things considered, here is a list of the general guidelines. Please consider that this is a dynamic outline that may change in time. Ideally, we’d like this be a democracy of sorts where regular contributors have a say in how things are run. The agreements are as follows:

  • Pornographic, provocative, and offensive posts will not be tolerated. If you’re not sure about your post, be sure to include “NSFW” at the top of your comment. If it is decidedly inappropriate, it will be removed. Don’t get your knickers twisted…we are all under the same guidelines.
  • Offensive language will be tolerated to a point. Avoid “top posting” with anything that could be considered offensive ESPECIALLY during work hours. Many of us use this blog as a way to get through the workday and therefore do not need this place turning into maelstrom of obscenities during the middle of the day.
  • There is ZERO TOLERANCE for threats of violence against other community members!
  • Racism, sexism, or any other form of denigration / discrimination will NOT be tolerated in any way shape or form! No matter who we are on the outside, we are pirates on the inside….PILLAGING JUST FOR FUN!

Be civil, use your best judgement, and have fun!

All Hand Hoy!