Final Chapter Release for SEKTOR V (Book 1)

Hey Y’all,

After conferring with Our Fearless Leader Kenny, we thought it would be cool to post the final (“finale”) chapter of Book 1 on PJFF since this is where the 1st posting of the Trilogy began.  Don’t worry, I know how y’all hate to scroll down so I am putting in external links as well as a page break!

Earlier today, I released the conclusion of Book 1 of the SEKTOR V Trilogy (The Ensemble).  For those not following at home, I have been doing a weekly release on Wattpad which is a social medial literary site with over 80M members worldwide.  It’s a pretty cool place that you might want to check out for general reading (and maybe writing?) purposes.

If you are so inclined, you can find the final Chapter for The Ensemble here:

If you want to catch up before jumping to the end, the Table of Contents link with all the previous Book 1 releases can be found here:

And finally, for those who are up to date, and want a sneak peek into what’s coming next in Book 2 (Enlightenment) feel free to smash the link below.

Warning/Spoiler Alert: I suggest visiting the URL below only after you are fully caught up (unless you want to learn some SEKTOR V stuff out of sequence)!

I’d also like to thank everyone who has visited, read, commented and emailed me over the past 3 months. Your collective feedback (and general encouragement) has been both awesome and very helpful!

As for the Raiders…Well, it simply wasn’t meant to be.  But who knows, maybe with some Vegas luck, this time next year we will still be alive and kickin’!

Oh, I almost forgot…Speaking of Raiders… here is an archive link for EVERY Pontification post ever written (dating back to 2016).  A kinda fun (albeit slightly depressing!) visit down Raider Post Season Possibility memory lane.


Happy New Year Raider Brethren!

TRF (aka Stanley Dial)