Derek Carr: A Better Person or a Better QB?

Derek Carr is easily A better human being, than he is a QB, and we all know, he’s a damn good Signal Caller.

No really, I mean this guy has it all…

Remember when Al Davis drafted Jamarcus Russell? Before Jamarcus it was Marinovich, then before Todd it was Marc Wilson, then it was Ken “The Snake” Stabler, then Roman Gabriel.
#4 has a ways to go before going down as the greatest QB ever drafted by the Raiders, but already Derek Carr as the person is easily the best ever.
A Family man, a pillar in the community, Derek Carr the person is the real deal. He always mentions his faith, the foundation for who he is as a person, which translates to who he is as a Leader of The Raiders.
In an Era where athletes are more about themselves, Carr truly embraces the role of a Leader who always put his teammates and coaches first and acknowledges that when asked about his success and where it comes from.
Last year we could see glimpses of his talent vs SD and Baltimore. We would also see the critical 4th quarter Interception in games against teams like Denver and KC.
Even when he started his career 0-10, his faith and who he was as a Person, never changed. They say Adversity builds character, some also say it reveals it.
We are very lucky as fans to not only have a super talented QB on the field, but we are even more fortunate to have Derek Carr, the Man, be the face and leader of our Franchise.
Since 2015, Derek Carr is tied for the most 4th quarter comebacks with 8 total. We have seen 4 of them this year. Carr plays with so much faith and confidence, his teammates know if the ball is in his hands 2 minutes to go, more times than not,┬áit results in a “W.”
Having a Franchise QB is one of the hardest things to come by. McKenzie drafted Carr in the 2nd round in 2014. Looking back, Carr was the best overall player of that draft.
This team this year, will only go as far #4 takes them, and believe me when I say I have all the “Faith” in the World that we are in Special Hands with Derek Dallas Carr.

Written by: 303Raider