Coming Full Circle

George  W Bush was President. There was no Facebook or IPhones…

17 QB’s and 9 head coaches later here we are heading into an away (Home)  game, vs. San Diego where we can clinch our first playoff berth since 2002.
We tried this back in 2011, in Oakland, vs Phyllis Rivers and our defense folded. The year Al Davis died.
Then, Reggie McKenzie was hired and here we are 5 years later playing the Chargers looking to clinch again.
I love that we have to come full circle to finally break this 13-year-old curse.
With 10 days to digest the last game vs KC, my gut tells me we handle SD. They are starting an undrafted rookie opposite Casey Hayward. Carr will pick on him all game.
This team, this year, like I said a few weeks ago lives and dies with #4.
The only real bad games he has played all year was vs KC.
He played efficient vs Denver as it was clear we were going to run it.
SD is actually stout vs the run only allowing 91.9 yards for 7th in the league.
I’d like to see us run more but vs SD, I expect Carr to get back to his MVP self as SD is ranked 25th in passing defense.
The pinky was not an issue vs Carolina and Buffalo. Carr has bounced back nicely after both of our earlier losses and I expect him to do the game in Oakland South.
He played good enough in Tennessee after our loss vs Atlanta.
He made some big passes to Crabtree in Jacksonville after our week 6 loss to Kansas City.
Raider Nation has waited a long time to finally see their Squad back in the playoffs.
This is a big step to come full Circle.

Written by: 303Raider