Thoughts In the Air: Oak vs. KC

BBQ was good.

First time at Arrowhead, nostalgic stadium.

Most of the fans were courteous, and some not so much.

Oh yeah, the game, not so good.

So far up to this point, this team has lived on the edge posting come back after improbable comeback. We just dug ourselves too big a hole, made too many mistakes, and missed multiple opportunities provided by a defense that put on one of its best performances of the year.

And on a cold Thursday night, in a playoff game atmosphere, Derek Carr, the chosen one, continued his woes vs KC. Add JDR and Bill Musgrave to the list of culprits as well. A game plan that had the young struggling gunslinger to 41 times didn’t help. This decision seemed especially poor considering they ran consistently all game netting themselves 135 yards on the ground.

I’ve said all year I hate Thursday night football as the quality of play has been horrible with the home team having a huge advantage. Especially at this point in the season with so much on the line, move these games to Saturday night as college football is done playing.


So What happened to our Raiders?

  1. 3 and 1 throw to Andre Holmes with Marcus Peters covering. Why didn’t we run Tay 2 times to get 1 yard?
  2. Nate Allen doesn’t turn to play the ball while covering Kelce when KC was backed up in their end zone.
  3. if you would have asked me at halftime which team would have more than 200 yards passing and which team would have under 10, I would have bet The Raiders.
  4. Roberts, Crabs, and Cooper continue to have a big case of the dropsies.
  5. Carr is now 1-5 vs KC and JDR is 0-4.
  6. Why are we eating BBQ in KC? Osemele needs to bring his own chef for away games.
  7. Howard has been our weak link on the o-line. Why not start Watson vs SD?
  8. I believe the pass to Copper hit the wire. Just a weird and off night really.
  9. Give credit to Alex Smith as he owns us and Andy Reid does too, grrrrr.
  10. This was Carr’s first Loss on Primetime.
  11. Special teams played horribly. King got some payback. Why did we continue to kick to Hill? Didn’t anyone watch the Donkey game a few weeks ago? kC lives off of big special teams play.
  12. Getting only 3 points on the 2 3rd quarter turnovers on their side of the field doomed us.


Encouraging Signs:

  1. Mack continues his run for DPOY with another solid game vs the Run and his 3rd strip sack fumble in a row.
  2. Defense forces 3 turnovers: 1 InT, 1 fumble recovery, and a turnover on downs.
  3. Defense holds KC run game in check.
  4. TJ Carrie looks like a solid upgrade over Hayden.

With the possibility of playing in SD equipped with a full and healthy roster, I expect the Silver & Black to bounce back, especially Carr. SD is the one Division team he has a winning record against.

If you would have told me before the game we would have won the Turnover battle 4-0, held KC under 60 yards rushing, I would have thought right there we would have won convincingly.

This year has been crazy; comeback after comeback. I’m not a big believer of good losses but there is a lot to take from this game that this young squad should learn from.

With the Defense continuing to get better, the offense should bounce back and continue to put up points.

A lot had to go wrong for us to lose this game. Carr had his worst game as a Pro yet we still had a shot at the end. Still an L is an L.


Questions left to be answered:

  1. When will Carr go back under center?
  2. Is MEJ coming back and, if he does, will he make an impact?
  3. Will we switch Howard with Watson for the last 3 games? Is Watson healthy enough to do so?
  4. Can our receivers stop dropping the ball.

At the end of the day, this team is going to Live and Die with Carr leading us.

The Defense continues to improve but still has trouble covering the TE and the middle of the field. Our linebacker play in coverage is our biggest weakness on Defense.

If you would have said we would be 10-3 after 13 games, I would have said, ” I’ll take it.” However, going 10-2 had raised expectations. We can still run the table, finish 10-3 and hopefully get some help and win the division.

Raider Nation will be rooting for the Donkeys Xmas night.

Most likely scenario is 12-4 and go on the road.

Carr is going to have to win a game on the road in a cold environment at some point.

It would be fitting to have to do that at KC again and finally exercise that Demon.

Carr deserves a pass as he is the biggest reason we are 10-2. He’s still learning.

On to SD for our next Road(Home) game….

Written by: 303Raider

Edited by: Kenny Stapler