Walk the Plank: Aldon Smith

NFL outside linebacker Aldon Smith was implicated in a domestic incident that occurred over the weekend. TMZ reported that San Francisco police were called to a home on Saturday morning where they interviewed the (now former?) NFL star and the alleged victim.

It is unknown whether the call was to Aldon’s own home or not. Aldon does own a home in the city but no other details have been released at this time. This story emerges on the heels of the announcement of Aldon’s pending reinstatement. The player was to return to the league come March. Aldon took to social media earlier in the month to ¬†exclaim “I’m Back!”

Not so fast Aldon. Should this report ring true, I wouldn’t be shocked to never see Smith in shoulder pads again. At least not Silver and Black ones. The Raiders organization has maintained a position of support since signing Aldon in 2015, however, with the organization’s firm stance against domestic violence, that stance may quickly change.

Should this story go the way of the rumor mill, I still wouldn’t be surprised if Aldon was estranged from Oakland and left to fend for himself in free agency. Either way, this doesn’t look good for the problematic linebacker…kinda like crashing into a parked car.

Written by: Kenny Stapler