The Pillaging Podcast: Week Zero (Raiders vs. Rams)

The Silver and Black Are Back!

That’s right! It’s time for live snaps and we’re as excited as the rest of Raider Nation to talk football. This week we recap the first week of Pre-Season. We’ll break down the Raiders game versus the Los Angeles Rams.

We’ll also get into some of the more difficult cuts already pending in pre-season. Additionally, we’ll lay to rest any concerns surrounding the Antonio Brown situation. Lastly, the Two Minute Drill returns with one of your own… Pillaging Pete. All this and more on the latest episode of The Pillaging Podcast!

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The Pillaging Podcast: 2019 Raiders Schedule Preview

The 2019 NFL Schedule

The schedule has been released and to no surprise, the Raiders have a tough road ahead. With a seven-week stretch where the Raiders will not see home turf, Things only get tougher when the Silver and Black head to Oakland to face their former star player.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Keep It 100! (w/ Scott Bair)


100 episodes in and still going strong! NBC Bay Area Raiders Insider joins the crew for a detailed discussion about the Raiders draft, how the organization has changed, the direction it’s moving in and much more. Scott also faces the dreaded Two Minute Drill challenge and puts beat writers on notice!

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The Pillaging Podcast: Antonio Brown Has Landed

The Silver Mustache!

Antonio Brown has landed with the Silver and Black and Raider Nation couldn’t be more excited. We share your excitement and are coming at you with a Chela packed episode featuring Angria Trask and Raider Cain.

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The Pillaging Podcast: You’re Our Only Hope (w/ Maliik Obee)

The #1 Raiders Podcast in Raider Nation!

Kenny and Che are joined this week by Maliik Obee from Full Press Coverage. Maliik will be traveling to this year’s NFL Draft and took time out to discuss the effects of this weekend’s combine on team’s draft boards. Maliik points out the mirage the combine truly is and what he thinks the unpredictable Gruden might do in the next month.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Roo the Day!

The #1 Raiders Podcast in Raider Nation!

The media has had their turn. It was time for Raider Nation to run the Two Minute Drill! Official Pillager Raider Roo calls in this week to back up his claim as the undisputed trivia master. Tune in to find out how he did.

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The Pillaging Podcast: 2018 Raiders In Review

A Year in Review

The crew took some time off but they’re back with a look back on the 2018 Season. Listen in as Kenny and Che hand out season awards for their MVP, comeback player, most improved player, and more.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Two Minute Drill

Introducing the Newest Segment…

In Raider Nation: The Two Minute Drill. Will this week’s guest Ray Aspuria (from the Raider Ramble) run the gauntlet successfully? Tune in to find out. As Always, the boys breakdown this week’s game and go deep into the issues that plague Raider Nation. Reggie ousted as GM, the Raiders are homeless, and the season comes to a dark and grim end.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Back from the Dead

Down But Not Out…

The Oakland Raiders came out with a victory against their long-time rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the second to last home game of the year, the Silver and Black gave Raider Nation something to be proud of. Shunning critics and silencing all talks of a tank season, the Raiders showed up with a chip on their shoulder and victory on their mind. The Pillaging Podcast was there to document it.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Stranger Things

Stranger Things Have Happened…

It was an odd day for the crew to say the least. First there was Malcolm, and the rest is legend. The least of which was the Oakland Raiders showing up for a classic AFC West duel. If there was going to be any one game in which the Raiders were going to compete, the KC Chiefs would be at the top of that hit list.

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