Stac’s Rant Vol. 1: Perspective


\ pər-ˈspek-tiv \
3 : to think about a situation or problem in a wise and reasonable way:

4 : to compare something to other things so that it can be accurately and fairly judged:

RaiderNation, I get it, we’re all disappointed in losing at home, on Monday Night Football, week one.

I think everyone was nervous about this game, The Rams are the trendy Super Bowl pick.

This offseason, they’ve added, arguably, the toughest two Cornerbacks Derek Carr has had to face, year in and year out in the AFC West in Marcus Peters & Aqib Talib.

After Re-Signing Aaron Donald and bringing in free agent Ndamukong Suh, they have the best interior pass rush in the NFL (that isn’t even arguable and don’t forget about the criminally underrated Michael Brockers).

I think even the most optimistic of RaiderNation, only dared to “hope” for a win, no one expected a win.

We ALL said: “We just want to see how the Raiders look.”

Do The Raiders get completely “outclassed”?

Is the difference in talent painfully obvious?

Do the Raiders look like they’re rebuilding?

So, what did we see?

The Raiders dominated the first half, no two ways about it. The only way the Rams really moved the ball at all was on Raiders penalties (11 for 155 yards total in the game).

The Raiders moved the ball with relative ease.

A poor throw by Carr to Jared Cook in the end zone, that became the 1st Interception of the night and some poorly timed penalties meant the Raiders went to the locker room at Half time with ONLY a 13-10 lead (Remember we were worried about getting blown out from the start and not even putting up a fight?).

They definitely didn’t look “out classed”

Starting the 4th Quarter the Raiders were only down 20-13 (Still not getting blown out).

Remember, this is against the “Super Bowl bound Rams,” who traded and signed everyone they could get their hands on in the offseason, that just about every Raiders fan was scarred we’d get blown out by!

A 7 point lead entering the 4th isn’t getting blown out at all!

Everyone has also forgotten that The Raiders defense did have chances to intercept Goff on multiple occasions (Goff was a dropped Interception or two away from having Derek Carr’s night).

The 4th Quarter

Well, it was what it was.

There wasn’t a goddamn thing I saw in the 4th quarter of Monday night’s game that is going to make me forget about Derek Carr’s THIRTEEN 4th Quarter Career Comebacks (BTW, That’s the same as Aaron Rodgers has, after just getting his 13th Sunday Vs. the Bears).

The Raiders went punch for punch with Sean “Boy Genius” McVay and the Rams for 3 Quarters.

Now I hear Raider Fans, who didn’t expect the Raiders to win anyways, basically giving up on the season, questioning “aRe CaRr oR GrUdeN ReAllY aNy gOoD”, saying that they don’t expect any more wins this season, etc.

Huh? (In the Scooby Doo voice)


 Excuse me?


Based on ONLY ONE Quarter of bad football!

What the Fu©k is wrong with people??!!


The Rams could very well be the best freaking team in the NFL, and because the “not yet entirely in football shape(and no team really is at this point because no one plays in preseason)”, defense wore down in the 4th after being on the field for the better part of the 3rd Quarter, because the BRAND NEW (first time running it in a real game) offensive scheme (who still put up the 7th most yards in the NFL this week) got a bit out of sync.

You’re throwing in your Pink (Breast Cancer Awareness) Towel and have no expectations of the Raiders winning another game for the rest of the season, because of 1 quarter of football and we traded Khalil Mack?

This is ridiculous!

Look, I have no idea how good the Raiders will end up being this season, neither do you and neither do all the so called experts (seriously, go back to their previous seasons preseason picks and see how they match up to what happens, I’m guessing they’re using “expert” loosely, like “meteorologist”).

But I do know one thing, it’s that I really DO want to find out.

Destination fans, I know you’ve been bombarded by negative media since Gruden was hired, and I know we have gone through this before, over and over and over and over and over. But if you really can’t tell the difference between Derek Carr and every other QB that has wore the Silver & Black since Rich Gannon, then I have to question if you have forgotten what a good QB looks like or if you watch any other team, besides the Raiders.

Every QB struggles sometimes, it is REALLY Hard to play Quarterback in the NFL. That’s why they can’t even find 32 quality starters for the entire NFL.

It may be the hardest profession in the world to become good at. I believe NASA currently has 39 active astronauts. I wonder if there are NASA fans at home, criticizing the “Happy Feet” on their spacewalks, without any idea what’s going on or how difficult what they do is…but I digress.

Watch some other teams with the same critical eye as you do the Raiders and perhaps you’ll have a little more appreciation for Derek Carr.

*Destination Fans, are fans that have no interest in the journey, they just want to get to the “Raiders are great” destination.

The 2016 destination sucked, but the journey was amazing. Except for when we’d lose to the Chiefs and suddenly everyone forgets The NFL record, 5 Game winning TD’s in the 4th Quarter or Overtime, thrown by Derek Carr and want to get rid of him?

But do you notice how everyone has now FORGOTTEN those 2016 Chiefs games and seem to remember 2016 Carr as being “perfect” and he only ever struggled post-injury, because he’s “scared in the pocket now.” Even though, last year’s game versus the Chiefs, Post-Injury, on Thursday Night Football, might be one of Carr’s best performances of his career so far?

This PTSD Theory seems very inconsistent, it obviously wasn’t effecting him in the Cowboy game, when he dove for the endzone, no one blames Carr PTSD for that one, It’s blamed on the opposite, actually. I guess it’s “intermittent” or something, maybe? It probably manifests when it’s most convenient for a narrative.

Perspective people!

3 : to think about a situation or problem in a wise and reasonable way:

4 : to compare something to other things so that it can be accurately and fairly judged:

*Note: Perspective goes both ways, if the Raiders look awesome and beat the Broncos 48-0, as awesome as that would be, it wouldn’t mean that they’re suddenly “Super Bowl Bound”!

Ranted by: Stacanova