The Raider’s “Will” is the Key to their Future

Throughout the regular season the Raiders have demonstrated a moxie which has embraced the “Will to Win.” Week in and week out this team has found ways to win as Mack and the team chant their mantra: BY ANY MEANS. This has proven time and time again to be the belief in the locker room.

At the moment, the Raiders sit atop the AFC West; the number 2 seed in the conference with 1 game remaining in the regular season. Although the number 1 seed is possible, winning the AFC West is paramount.

Recently, the media has focused in on the seriousness of Carr’s Christmas Eve injury. Discussing the possibility of the Raiders’ chances dwindling is a reasonable topic if you are not doing your due diligence as a reporter to dig deeper into the actual possibilities. Now, the Raiders clearly own the number 2 seed and are in control of their destiny. The Moxie of “By Any Means” will be on display this Sunday.

Most teams have concerns on their playoff placements and the Raiders are in the thick of the discussion as well. Several games this weekend are important to the Raiders as they move forward into the playoffs. Most importantly is winning against the Broncos.

Teams like the Patriots have taken notice of the Raiders and know that the Raiders beating the Broncos is a possibility. Because of this the Patriots are not going to risk their seeding and will need to beat Miami to be in control of which on occasion Miami has prevailed. The Chiefs are also taking notice to the Raiders and know they must beat San Diego or forfeit the Western crown to the Silver Marauders.

The NFL has recognized the Talent within the Raider’s football team by selecting 7 pro bowlers and 7 alternates equaling an astonishing 14 pro bowl selections. The team has talent and has demonstrated the ability to perform successfully in complementary football with plenty of talent in all 3 phases in both player personal and coaching. This leads to the question that the media should investigate before just immediately respond.

Does Matt McGloin have Moxie and Talent?

Th best way to answer this is to look at his history (References below from

 In High School…

3 sport standout at West Scranton High.  As the starting quarterback, Matt led his team to 2 PIAA District titles and was named the 2007-2008 Athlete of the year. In basketball, he was a 4 year starter, the team captain, and garnered many tournament all star and MVP awards. In baseball, he was a starting infielder and pitcher for three straight years. Matt consistently batted over .400 and held a 7-0 record when on the mound. In his senior year, he led his team to its first conference championship in 16 years. So, in High School, the answer is clearly a yes.

In College

Matt joined Penn State as a walk on backup quarterback. On 10/23/2010 the starting QB left the game with a concussion and McGloin entered the game and threw 2 touchdowns which provided Penn State with its first Big Ten Victory. Eventually, McGloin became the full-time starter after several multiple successful appearances. In his final year of college, McGloin finished the season having completed 61% of his passes with a 7.3 YPA average, and an excellent 24 td to 5 interceptions ratio.

In every category his stats improved significantly from the year before. During that time, he became a Penn State record holder with the most career touchdown passes (45), single season passing yards coupled with the most completions in a season. None of the above was an easy task considering the issue surrounding the Joe Paterno scandal which gave way to key team members running off to other colleges.

After becoming the full-time starter, McGloin earned Honorable Mention, All-Big Ten Honors, and the Burlsworth Trophy. In addition, Penn State named its baseball field after McGloin and was honored on the floor of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives by Rep. Marty Flynn in 2013 who cited McGloin’s “daily demonstration of grit and tenacity”. So, in college the answer is clearly a yes.

In the NFL

In 2013 Matt signed with the Raiders as an undrafted free agent and worked his way to be the 3rd string qb. He got his first regular season start on 11/17/13 in his rookie season and went on to win the game 28-23 with 3 touchdown passes. On Thanksgiving against the Cowboys, he earned praise for his play. Matt was also given an honorable mention for Phil Simms’s “All-Iron Award” for the most valuable player although the game was lost on a defensive fault at the end of the game.

In 2014, he became Carr’s backup beating several previously successful QB’s throughout free agency and training camp. Throughout his NFL career, fellow players and coaches on the team have praised McGloin’s work effort, demeanor and skill. So, in the NFL the answer is to be determined once he has demonstrated a body of work with this 2016 team.

 McGloin has demonstrated from the start of his high school, and in every level of his career after, that he has grown significantly, shown a high level of loyalty, a high level of success and a commitment filled with moxie. So, to answer the question asked above, McGloin’s moxie is a yes and his talent is a yes as well.

I am really surprised the media and NFL has not yet dug deeper as this is clearly a story within the Story. A Cinderella story for the 2016 Oakland Raiders journey to hopefully the super bowl and beyond. Now and based upon the “Will” and talent of this team, the mantra for this article is “No Worries”. The “Will of the Raiders” will prevail.

Written by: Mr. Football

Edited by: Kenny Stapler