Quick Study: The Stick Route

Chase from Raiders Unsung Heroes illustrates the Raiders’ go-to route against Denver last week. The video below shows how the Raiders ran the same simple concept with continued success. Furthermore, by using various formations to disguise the concept, the Raiders are able to return to this concept for quick yards 6 times in the game.

Why the Stick Route Fits into Week 5:

Todd Downing needs to get back to basics on Sunday and EJ could benefit greatly from this as well. The stick route is a terrific option to get the offense back into rhythm as it is a fairly simple read to begin with. Additionally, the concept allows for the primary receiver to find the soft spot in the coverage rather than carrying out an extended route. The play is quick hitting, low-risk, and provides the QB with simple reads and options at all levels of the field.

Stick Route
Basic stick concept

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Written by: Kenny Stapler

Video by: Chase B