The Pillaging Podcast: Behind the Raiders Shield

Behind the Raiders Shield…

This week we take a peak behind the Silver Curtain as we sit down with Jon Kingdon, co-author of “Behind the Raiders Shield,” and discuss the highly shrouded culture of the Oakland Raiders.

Behind the Raiders Shield
Behind the Raiders Shield

In his new book co-authored by Bruce Kebric and Steve Corkran, Jon reveals much of what went on behind the scenes in his years with the Raiders franchise. Because Jon spent a considerable amount of time working alongside Al Davis as well as the other members of the Raiders, he has a tremendous amount of insider knowledge to share.

Hear what he had to say as he answers our questions as well as yours about the secretive Silver and Black organization we’ve followed our entire lives.

Also, we’re joined as always by Raider Cain who will help us break down this week’s upcoming matchup against the New England Patriots in Mexico City.

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