Week 2: NY 20 vs. Oak 45

There was a time they said the Raiders played down to the level of their competition. Before then, there was a time when they dominated no matter what—those times are back. In a game that set the Silver and Black up for simple success, Raider Nation got exactly what it was looking for—a bona fide blowout victory.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Vanderdoing It Well

Fresh off a week 1 victory and headed home to the Black Hole, we are breaking down last week’s game and looking forward to the next. Tune in and find out the latest Raiders news, your phone calls, and get our prediction against the Jets. All that and more on this week’s episode of the Pillaging Podcast.

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Ex-Linebackers Can’t Draft Linebackers? Wha?

So just because you played the Linebacker position, it doesn’t automatically make you an expert when it comes to Evaluating the position itself. It’s been challenging watching Reggie pick LB after LB and so far it’s been one miss after another.

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Week 1: OAK 26 vs. TEN 16

Well Here we go again folks: another Oakland Raiders NFL season. As I write this, the afternoon games are kicking off and half the league has already completed their games. Fans from all over are making sweeping predictions, lamenting injuries, and scanning their teams’ schedule to find out who’s next. But most importantly, at this moment, the team adorned in Silver and Black are tuned in to Jack Del “Riverboat Gambler” Rio’s locker room victory speech.

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The Pillaging Podcast: NO! You Relax!

Back on the Pirate Ship and Pillaging the NFL pre-season. You say it doesn’t matter, we say it does! Lift anchor and join us as we dissect the defense, praise the offense, cover all your Raider headlines. We’ll be taking your calls and discussing all things Raiders related on this episode of the Pillaging Podcast.

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Thus, the Journey Begins

After months of trudging through the off-season doldrums, the Raiders are back to port and ready to shove off into the long journey of another NFL season. Thus, the journey begins….

It all started Saturday night when the Oakland Raiders squared off against the Arizona Cardinals in the first pre-season matchup of the 2017-2018 schedule. Let’s take a look at the positives and negatives from Saturday night’s scrimmage.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Fire and Desire…Camp Life

Training camp is here and we’ve got you covered! This week, Kenny and Che breakdown camp battles, standouts, and recent roster moves. Tune in and join us for all things Raiders related on the only podcast by Raiders fans for Raiders fans.

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