TRF’s Week 14 Playoff Pontificator

What a wild ride we have been on this year.  After a week 2 blowout against the Jets that had us sitting at 2-0, it looked by all accounts that we were right back in 2016 mid-season form.  The offense looked great, Carr was humming and even recent acquisition Marshawn Lynch hosted a sideline dance party.

Then, the inexplicable hit us like a ton of proverbial bricks….

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The Pillaging Podcast: No Crying in Football!

The chain snatching, crying, flailing donkeys flew into town. We’re here to break it all down for you. We’re joined as always by Raider Cain, courtesy of  Cain gives us his MVP and Trash Can player of the week. Also, the Chase on Tape makes his return to help us analyze some of the new wrinkles in Pagano’s new look (kind of) defense.

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Playoff Pontificator: Week 13

Hello once again fellow Pillagers and welcome to TRF’s Week 13 Edition of the NFL Playoff Pontificator. For this go around we will look at the 4 records that could (mathematically) get us in the playoffs ranging from a sweet 10-6 to a somewhat embarrassing 7-9 (2010 Seattle Seahawks anyone?). Join me as we break down the various (more likely and less likely) pathways to an Oakland Raider playoff berth in 2017.

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Week 12 Playoff Pontificator: Leftover Turkey Edition

TRF’s Week 12 Playoff Pontificator: Leftover Turkey Edition…

Greetings Pillagers! Once again, it’s TRF comin’ at ‘cha loud and proud!

Ok, well proud might be a bit of a stretch.  Stretch also seems like the appropriate word after we all collectively expanded our waistlines a bit yesterday.  I won’t lie comrades, this edition of the PP was a tough one to put together.  On one had we are very much alive on the abacus front (largely due to the overall ineptitude of the AFC) while on the other we are hanging on by a psychological thread when it comes to a year end team implosion.  Lets not sugar coat this puppy.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Sauced Up!

We’re Sauced Up….

We’re sauced up and we’re feeling ourselves. It’s Thanksgiving eve and it’s a perfect time to celebrate with family and friends. Raider Nation is coming off an embarrassing loss but there’s still time to bounce back. We’re here to get you through the hard times and help you celebrate the holidays.

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Playoff Pontificator: Week 11

TRF’s Inaugural 2017 Week 11 Playoff Pontificator

Today, we are going to talk playoffs.  PLAYOFFS?! (Insert Jim Mora soundtrack).  Ok, after last year’s run I’m sure most of us thought we would be looking at securing a bye right about now instead of clinging to our collective playoff lives.  That said, it is what it is and we need to make some statistical lemonade.  It’s hard to believe that we were 7-2 a mere 12 months ago.  So why, one year later, are we sitting at 4-5?  Well, if we choose to play the blame game there is a lot of it to spread around.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Carr in Reverse

Join us as we grind through the gears of last week and attempt to get the Carr back into overdrive. Stuck in reverse and spinning his wheels, Carr had another tough game this week as the Raiders’ offense continued to stall. We break down that Bills game and get you ready for the upcoming tilt against Miami. It’s a back to back road games for the Raiders but we’re holding down on the home front.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Raiders Round Table

The Oakland Raiders head into Buffalo high off of their unforgettable win against the hated Kansas City Chiefs in hopes of evening out their season record. Therefore, we’re here to get you ready for Khalil Mack’s Buffalo homecoming for a Raiders Round table.

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