Ex-Linebackers Can’t Draft Linebackers? Wha?

So just because you played the Linebacker position, it doesn’t automatically make you an expert when it comes to Evaluating the position itself. It’s been challenging watching Reggie pick LB after LB and so far it’s been one miss after another.

Already drafted and Gone:

  • Miles Burris
  • Nathan Stupar
  • Ben Heeney
  • Sio Moore
  • Neiron Ball

Still playing and developing:

  • Cory James
  • Marquell Lee

Last year Raider Nation watched the middle of the field get used and abused by opposing teams. All The Blog GM’s were screaming over the off-season to grab some Linebackers. ┬áReggie could have signed Zach Brown for 3 million, WTF!

I’m as perplexed as everyone else, but I also will not panic unless we see the same poor LB play we have been accustomed to for what seems to been forever and a day.

We might have to go back to Kirk Morrison to remember what ‘OK’ LB play looks like. Hopefully by the time Kenny proofs this article and approves it (sorry I’m late), Reggie and Jack have signed at least 2 dumpster leftovers. It’s mind boggling that 2 former LB’s, who happen to be our General Manager AND our Head Coach, are apparently clueless when it comes to evaluating the position.

Our offense, as predicted, is Super Bowl caliber. We just need this defense to not screw things up. For as much praise as Reggie gets with drafting Carr, Cooper, Mack, and Gabe, his free agent signings, and 7th round/UDFA picks, he deserves blame for his lack of roster depth and whiffs along the defense.

Besides Mack, Reggie hasn’t drafted anyone that is an all-pro, game changing player. KuJo shows promise but hasn’t done anything yet; MEJ has been hurt; Jihad Ward needs a big year; Reggie missed with Calhoun and really needs the first 3 picks he drafted: Conley, Obi, and Vanderdoes to contribute, or this season could be a waste.

Reggie wake up from your food coma and bring in some LB’s!

Written by: 303Raider