Carr and His Progress: Year 4

With Summer right around the corner, and not much football action, I’d like to chit chat about our QB, and see what his next accomplishments need to be. Too bad about the Christmas Eve leg break or he might of accomplished a few of the things I will mention below.

We saw a big jump in production from year 2 to 3 which was followed by a huge year for The Silver & Black.

Carr balled out with a record-breaking 7 game-winning touchdown throws. In 2016, while playing in 15 games, his career-high numbers looked like:

– 12 wins

– 63.8% completion percentage

– 262.6 passing yards per game

– 6 interceptions

– A 96.6 passer rating

– Averaged 1 sack per game (16)

Last year was a big leap for Derek as he truly showed he can lead this team when called upon. Another year in the same system, with the same coaches is a must for young gun slingers. His offensive line is one of the best, he was armed with great receivers in Crabtree and Cooper, and his arsenal of running backs ranked running in the top 10 in the league. Add in his work ethic and you should not be surprised with the results.

Now in year 4, there are still a few things #4 needs to accomplish, here are just a few:

1) Beat Kansas City and have a big game doing it. I know Carr beat KC on Thursday night his rookie year that, when you look back, was a turning point for this franchise. But since then he hasn’t beat them once. That needs to change if we have any hopes winning the AFC West and getting a first round bye. For whatever reason Andy Reid and his defense own D.C. and we need that to change ASAP!

2) Have a signature game vs Denver’s defense. We have split with Denver the last 2 years, but Carr hasn’t really had a big game vs The Donkeys. 2 years ago in Denver, he had a good second half and passed for 2 TD’s to get us the win. Last year in Oakland, he had modest numbers and managed to not turn the ball over as we ran all over Denver in front of a national audience. We need Carr to break through and have a big day vs “The No Fly Zone” and shut the mouths on Ware (retired) and Talib.

3) Bring the first playoff win to the Silver & Black since 2002. It’s been way too long, and when the playoffs start in 2018, it will be 16 years since we beat Tennessee in the AFC Championship game in Oakland. Getting at least one playoff win is a must for Carr and the boys in black next year.

With the additions on offense and hopefully an improved defense, we won’t need 7 comeback wins from Carr this year. All we want is to beat KC, Denver, and deliver a playoff run for our Raiders in 2018!

Is it too much to ask?

Written by: 303Raider

Edited by: Kenny Stapler