The Pillaging Podcast: Cable Guy!

Tom Cable is Back in Oakland…

The Cable Guy is back and we just wanted to hang out. No big deal. Actually, it’s a big effen deal this week as we got to hang out with Pro Football Focus‘ very own Austin Gayle.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Big Effen Deal

This Episode is a Big Effen Deal

Raider Nation basks in the post-coital glow of Gruden’s Big Effen Deal and we’re back to talk about. The press conference, the coordinators, the speculation, and more. Jason Cole joins us this week and takes a critical look of what is to come in the new Gruden era. Raider Cain joins as always as we take a quick glance at free agency. All this and much more on this episode of the Pillaging Podcast.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Guess Who’s Back?

Jon Gruden is Back

Jon Gruden is back in Oakland and we’re here to talk about it. Joining us as always is Raider Cain with special guest Scott Winter from Las Vegas Raiders Report. Jump aboard the pirate ship as we take you through the good and bad of Chucky’s return. Also, we’ll break down the demise of the Jack Del Rio regime. We discuss what happened and when to cement Jack’s exit and try to make sense of this surreal moment in Raider history.

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Sour Soup: A Recipe for Disappointment

I did a bit of travel over the holidays and so I had a lot of time sitting around in airports (and on the tarmac) to think about the disappointment of 2017 and how we got there. My personal philosophy on these kinds of things is that most people would like the answers to be simple and easy, but as with just about everything in life, few things actually are. Or another way to think of it is that for a disaster to happen, a bunch of things have to go wrong—and they did for the Raiders in 2017.

Here’s what I came up with in no particular order:

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The Pillaging Podcast: You’re Fired!

We take the Raiders’ coaching staff to task on this week’s episode of the Pillaging Podcast. Downing, Jack, and Reggie are all on the hot seat and we’re not letting them off the hook. Also, we break down the Raiders Christmas feature against the Philadelphia Eagles. We’ll get you ready for the 2017 finale against the Los Angeles Chargers. Raider Cain chimes in this week with his thoughts on the 2017 season. Mario Tovar from came aboard to give us his naughty and nice list.

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Do You Even Scout, Bro?

Much has been made about the Raiders ineptitude on offense this year. Ultra-conservative play calling and the unwillingness to modify the game plan plagued Oakland all season. Raider Nation was given a minor glimpse of what this once high-powered offense can do in the right situations on Monday Night Football.

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The Pillaging Podcast: Ranter Nation

We Rant, Beat Dead Horses, and Explain…

On this episode of The Pillaging Podcast we needed to get some things off our chest. So, listen in and hear what we had to say about the struggling Raiders offense and the no-show in KC. Subsequently, we’ll discuss this week’s game against Dallas and what the Raiders need to do to get back on track.

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TRF’s Week 15 Playoff Pontificator©

Joy to the world fellow Pillagers!

Well, ok admittedly “joy” may not be at the top of your emotion list today given the beat down that our Raiders took on the chin in Arrowhead this past Sunday. Nevertheless, it still is my weekly job, no matter how painful, to give you some reason for optimism. Not for the draft, or for 2019, but for THIS season. The reality is that three games still remain and if this team can somehow dial in its 2016, Mojo its more likely than not that your 2017 Oakland Raiders would make the playoffs with a 9-7 record (56%).

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The Pillaging Podcast: Wheels Up!

It’s time to pillage another podcast!

It’s your host Kenny Stapler joined every week by Che and Raider Cain. On this podcast we talk about the scrappy but effective victory against the NY Giants. Of course, we’ll go in depth and breakdown the upcoming match up against the hated Kansas City Chiefs. Kenny is headed out to the land of BBQ  to witness the action live in Arrowhead stadium. But before he leaves, he and the crew are checking in to give you a dose of all things Raiders.

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